Cycleways & Multi-user Paths

Traffic-free paths suitable for family bike rides

Intercity Cycleway

The Inter-City Cycleway is a shared cycling/walking track that extends for 15.6 km between Hobart's waterfront at Sullivans Cove to Box Hill Rd in Claremont. The Cycleway has an excellent concrete surface and is suitable for all types of bikes as well as scooters and skates. It has been constructed on a disused railway line which means there are no steep hills or sharp turns, making it ideal for families or novice bike riders. There are lots of attractions and sites to visit along the Cycleway including parks and playgrounds, Queens Domain & Botanical Gardens, Valhalla Ice cream shop in Moonah, Transport Museum at Glenorchy, Moorilla Winery and MONA at Berriedale and Cadburys chocolate factory in Claremont.

Clarence Foreshore Trail

The trail follows the shores of the Derwent River between Geilston Bay and Howrah but the most family-friendly sections are listed below:
  • Simmons Park Lindisfarne to Montagu Bay - playgrounds at both ends and includes riding under the Tasman Bridge.
  • Kangaroo Bay Park to Bellerive Beach Park - Refreshments can be found at either end and Bellerive Beach Park has a playground and safe beach. 
  • Bellerive Beach Park to Howrah Road - There's a gravel section around Second Bluff but the views are fantastic. Take care on the downhill. Stop at Wentworth Park for a play.

Hobart Rivulet Track

Following the Hobart Rivulet, this path starts at Molle St in Hobart (from the carpark opposite Collins St) and finishes near Cascade Brewery at the foot of Mt Wellington. The surface is a fine and firmly-packed gravel with a middle section concreted.The track is approximately 3km in length. There is a playground at the Cascade end.

Pipeline Track

The Pipeline Track starts opposite the Ferntree Tavern and winds its way around the contours of Mt Wellington for approximately 12km, offering gorgeous vistas over the countryside and finishing close to North West Bay River. A bicycle parking rail indicates the beginning of a walking track to Wellington Falls. The track has a wide, hard-packed gravel surface and is shady and fern-lined in the early sections, opening out into the wooded slopes of the mountain. Occasional clearings in the trees provide views of the city, Cathedral Rock, Mt Montague and the coastline to the south. A side track near the start provides a pleasant detour to Silver Falls. The gentle inclines make it ideal for families, although there is a low-level bridge that requires dismounting and lifting the bike down a couple of steps.

Natone Hill Circuit Track

This is a mostly level gravel track around the permiter of Natone Hill. The circuit can be completed by riding along Tianna Road or the upper track but families may wish to turn around and ride in the reverse direction to reach the start again.

Risdon Brook Dam Circuit

The circuit track follows a gravel maintenance vehicle track around the perimeter of the dam. It is mostly flat but there are two big hills at the eastern bay and northern end of the circuit. Young riders may want to dismount going up and down. There is a playground, toilets and picnic facilities at the carpark. 

Sorell Waterways Trail

Starting at Pioneer Park in Sorell, the concrete pathway follows Sorell Rivulet where interpretive storyboards can be found at places of historical and environmental signficance.

Whitewater Creek Trail

Starting on the corner of John St and Huon Hwy in Kingston (near Coles) the track follows Whitewater Creek. There's a crossing of Summerleas Rd required and the gravel track runs alonside the Kingston Bypass, finishing at Spring Farm Rd overpass. Kingborough Council has plans to extend the track along the Channel Hwy to connect up with the Coffee Creek Track.

Montrose Foreshore Path

The concrete path follows the foreshore along Elwick Bay past the GASP boardwalk, yacht club and Montrose Bay Community Park. You can start at Montrose Foreshore Reserve or Wilkinsons Point near the DEC. It is possible to do a 6km loop by using the Intercity Cycleway and Barossa Creek Path to create a circuit. The Montrose Foreshore Path connects up to the Intercity Cycleway via an underpass north of Montrose Bay High School and can be connected up by taking the  Barossa Creek Trail off the Intercity Cycleway near Glenorchy YMCA to rejoin the Montrose Foreshore Trail at the DEC.