Hobart Bike Map

The map shows cycling routes across Hobart and ride options in Southern Tasmania.

Wellington Park Bike Map

Mountain Bike tracks in Wellington Park

On-line maps

Interactive websites and downloadable maps

Velodomes, BMX tracks & circuits

The Greater Hobart area has a criterium circuit, an outdoor velodrome and BMX and skate parks.

Mountain Bike Tracks

Mountain bike parks, purpose built MTB tracks and multi-use tracks that permit mountain biking. Also see www.ridetasmania.com for great MTB rides around Tasmania.

Children's Tracks

Children's educational tracks and paths suitable for new riders

Cycleways & Multi-user Paths

Traffic-free paths suitable for family bike rides

People & Clubs to Ride With

For social and competitive group rides

Commuting Routes

A list of the most popular routes into Hobart's CBD

Organised bike rides