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Kingborough Bicycle Advisory Committee (KBAC) meets bi-monthly at the council offices in Kingston. It is made up of local residents, a council officer and an elected councillor. KBAC discusses improvements needed to the bike network, proposed infrastructure projects and activities to promote cycling.

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Latest news in Kingborough

Oct 2021. The footpath along Beach Road that connects the Kingston shopping precinct to Kingston Beach has been upgraded by Council. The new path is wider, eliminating the need for people to move onto the road to pass.

Beach Rd path before after 


Mt Royal Rd-centrelineWOct 2014. Council has installed new centre line marking on Mt Royal Road and provided additional space in the uphill direction (see photo). This will give drivers more space to pass slowly moving uphill riders while downhill riders can move at speeds similar to other traffic. Council also removed a median island on the bend which eliminates a squeeze point. It's a low cost and simple treatment that improves conditions for people on bicycles.

Dec 2013. An application made by Cycling South to the Trails and Bikeways Program for completing the missing section of trail network between AAD and Spring Farm Road was successful. Council will match the funds and construct a 2.5m wide concrete pathway to eliminte a short but unsafe gap in the path network alongside the Channel Hwy.

Aug 2012. Council was successful in obtaining a Cycling for Active Transport Grant from the State Government to install bicycle parking rails in Kingston CBD, Kingston Beach, Blackmans Bay, Kettering, Woodbridge, Margate and Snug.

New children's bike track
Feb 2010. Modelled on a popular bicycle track at New Norfolk, the facility has a concrete track with a number of traffic signs, line markings, a miniature roundabout and an intersection with a working set of traffic lights. The track provides a fun environment where children can familiarise themselves with the types of signs and traffic controls they will encounter in the real world. Seating and shelter has been provided for parents to observe their children playing without interfering with the play space.

Whitewater Creek Track


Kingston Park paths Mar 2022Aug 2022. A new underpass has been installed under Huon Hwy to provide a link to the wetlands and Browns River area. View photo here.

Mar 2022. As part of the Kingston Park development the Whitewater Creek Trail has been widened and upgraded to a concrete all-weather surface. The work has transformed the track into a 3-metre wide, concrete, shared path standard for pedestrians and cyclists and was funded through the State Government’s Vulnerable Road User Program, the Hobart City Deal and Kingborough Council.

June 2016. A concrete extension has been added to the Whitewater Creek Trail, providing a link from the Spring Farm Road overpass to the new Bunnings development on the Channel Hwy. The pathway will be connected to the shared path in front of the Australian Antarctic Division and provide a connection to the Coffee Creek Trail.

Dec 2012. A missing section of trail along the creek by Summerleas Rd in Kingston is under contruction. This will connect the older section of hotmix path to the new gravel track along the creek constructed as part of the Kingston Bypass project and complete a gap in the trail network. This leaves the missing section between Spring Farm Rd and the Antarctic Division as the last significant gap remaining.

Sept 2011. A section of path alongside the Channel Hwy in front of the Antarctic Centre near Algona Rd has been constructed as part of the Kingston bypass and goes a step closer to linking up the Whitewater Creek Path with the Coffee Creek Track. A missing section between Spring Farm Rd and Antarctic Division still exists and is a priority of the Kingborough Bicycle Users Group.

Sept 2011. A short section of concrete path is being constructed on Beach Road between Channel Highway and John Street and will provide an important link to the Kingston shopping centre from the existing Whitewater Creek track.

July 2011. As part of the Kingston Bypass project a section of the Whitewater Creek Track is being constructed by DIER between Summerleas Rd and Spring Farm Rd. This is a significant addition to the trail network in Kingston and goes a long towards creating a series of connected routes for walking and cycling.

Feb 06. The path along Whitewater Creek will be out of action for the next 6 month. Earthmovers will be installing pipes along the creek and will construct a new cycleway over the top when completed.

Coffee Creek Track

CoffeeCk culvert Algona Feb2020WFeb 2020. Kingborough Council installed a new crossing over the Coffee Creek by the Algona Road underpass (see photo, right). The short section of concrete pathway gives residents who live at the end of Redwood Road access to the pathway network, providing connections to schools at Huntingfield and the Whitewater Creek Track to Kingston shops.

Oct 2012. Cycling South was successful in obtaining a $10,000 Cycling for Active Transport Grant to complete a missing section of the Coffee Creek Track between the new Algona Rd underpass and Patriarch Drive in Huntingfield. Kingborough Council provided matching funding and work will be completed this financial year. Council will also construct a concrete path to connect up the Whitewater Creek Track at Summerleas Rd.

July 2012. Cycling South was successful obtaining a Cycling for Active Transport Grant of $10,000 from the State Government to match funding from Kingborough Council to complete the missing section of track between the Algona Rd underpass and Patriarch Drive.

July 2011. DIER has constructed an underpass beneath Algona Rd which will allow for the future development of the Coffee Creek Track which has the potential to create a link between Margate and Kingston. Kingborough Council owns land along the creek south of Algona Rd which opens up possibilities. The underpass allows for an important safe link between residential area of Kingston and the two schools in Huntingfield. Creating a connection to Spring Farm Road overpass and the Whitewater Creek Track is a realistic goal also.



Summerleas Road & Gormely Drive Path

Summerleas Rd path
July 2011. As part of the Kingston bypass project the Summerleas Path has been reinstated by DIER between Westside Circle and the new off-ramp from the bypass, although it is a tight squeeze on the overpass bridge where the path is minimum width for a multi-user pathway.

The path needs to be connected to the underpass at the Summerleas Rd roundabout which will require a short section of footpath widening near KFC.

A connection to the sports precinct and Kingston High School will require the path to be extended to Gormley Drive (it currently ends a short distance south of Gormley Drive) and along Gormley Drive to the southern side of the site.

Improvements are also required in the underpass. A fence in the Summerleas Rd roundabout underpass needs replacing with a painted centre line as it creates a hazard for people using the underpass (although the first section of fence could be retained at the western side at the 90 degree corner which is a potential conflict point).