Davey & Macquarie Streets


Sept 2021. The Department of State Growth has released plans for creating a dedicated bus lane on the Southern Outlet to improve the efficiency of public transport, making it a more attractive option than driving. Since 80% of traffic coming from the Southern Outlet is heading to Hobart rather than beyond, catching the bus is a realistic option for residents south of Hobart. The plans include bus priority on Davey and Macquarie Streets, which require changes to on-street parking. 

The proposal currently out for public consultation can be viewed on the Department of State Growth website. The plans have identified a bike lane on Davey Street between Sandy Bay Road and Barrack St and bicycle head start storage boxes at the Barrack and Molle St intersections. No cycling infrastructure is proposed for Macquarie St.

Key features Davey Macquarie 2021

Cycling South and Bicycle Network Tasmania met with the project team in August 2021 to discuss opportunites for improving condition for cycling on these roads. Cycling South's submission requested the following:

  • Install head start bicycle storage boxes at intersections on Macquarie St
  • Extend the T3 lane to Antill St
  • Provide a bicycle bypass at the Southern Outlet/Macquarie St intersection
  • Provide dedicated cycling infrastructure on Davey St between Murray St and Antill St


Davey St provides an important link between the waterfront, Dynyrnne and Huon Road and Macquarie St provides a direct and fast connection into the city and waterfront. The bus priority works provide an opportunity to improve cycling conditions on these roads.