Bowen Bridge & Goodwood Road

Bowen Bridge & Goodwood Road

May 2012 - Work is complete on the upgraded path on Goodwood Road that connects to the Bowen Bridge. The path has a smooth bitumen surface and is pleasant to ride. The connections to the path could be improved as there are missing kerb ramps at the Centre Road intersection and a lip on the accesspoint from the roadway to the path on the approach to the Bowen Bridge. 

Bowen Bridge network map western shore May 2021

 Bowen Bridge path 2021

Bowen Bridge path May 2021

Apr 2021 - The Department of State Growth will be upgrading the badly cracked and worn shared path on Goodwood Road between Centre Road and the Bowen Bridge in April and June 2021. This will improve the connection to the off-road pathway on the Bowen Bridge, including for riders using the sealed shoulder on the approach to the bridge that abruptly runs out. A temporary detour has been put in place while the works are underway. 

Goodwood Rd to Bowen Br shared path plan 2021w  Bowen bridge path works Apr 2021 G Humprhies