North West Bay River Trail

A proposed trail along the North West Bay River between Longley and Margate.



July 2020. Council wants to know if there is support for a multi-use trail along the North West Bay River. If so, how would you use it (walking, biking, horse riding, recreationally, commuting)? Do you have any concerns or issues that Council hasn't thought of? Provide feedback to Kingbrough Council.

The feasibility study divides the proposed trail into 4 sections:

  • Section 1 - Longley Reserve to Sandfly Reserve
  • Section 2 - Sandfly Reserve to Riverdale Road
  • Section 3 - Riverdale Road to Miandetta Drive
  • Section 4 - Miandetta Drive to Margate


The trail will need to cross the North West Bay River and tributaries in several locations to develop a link from Longley to Margate and to provide connections to existing river access points. 

This trail feasibility study has determined that a trail from Longley to Margate is physically possible, however several sections require access across private land. The overall trail development is dependent on several factors including negotiations with private landholders regarding access to private land; negotiation with Crown Land Services to allow for trail development on Crown Land; community consultation, in particular with landholders that may be impacted by new trails; and budget constraints.

  • Stage 1 – Develop link from Sandfly Reserve to Riverdale Road/Allens Rivulet.
  • Stage 2 – Link from Longley Reserve to Sandfly Reserve
  • Stage 3 – Link Miandetta Drive to Margate/Channel Highway
  • Stage 4 – Link from Riverdale Road to Miandetta Drive to complete trail.


As all links depend on access across private land the order of development of trail stages may change dependent on success of these negotiations.