Kingston to Conningham Trail

A proposed continuous family-friendly off-road trail between Kingston and Conningham.



Kingston to Margate

Huntingfield Housing Development

June 2020. The State Government is proposing a 470 lot housing development in Huntingfield, behind St Aloysius Catholic School. The plans show shared paths throughout the development but don't identify path or cycleway links beyond the subdivision - to the school, shops, sports areas, reserves or regional parks. You can view plans and provide comment until 26 June 2020 at

Cycling South would like to see:

  • Shared paths constructed to a minimum standard of 3.0m with wombat crossings on all road crossings within the development.
  • Ensure proposed public transport hubs are easily accessible from the development for people walking or cycling.
  • Sealed path extended to Howden Road along the SW boundary of Peter Murrell Reserve
  • Path upgrade at Patriarch Drive to provide a continuous shared path from Huntingfield Ave to the Algona Road underpass
  • Connect proposed shared path to existing path on Huntingfield Ave
  • Extend Sirius Drive into the subdivision to make the development more permeable (blocked by housing lot in current plans), at least for people walking and cycling.
  • Separated Cycleway along the Channel Hwy between Algona Road and Kingston CBD to connect residents to shops and services
  • Shared path alongside Algona Road to connect residents to Blackmans Bay Schools and beach.
  • Construct a safe and convenient crossing to the north-western side of the Channel Hwy (Maddox Rd) so future subdivisions are connected.
  • Develop a broader active travel plan for the area so that residents are easily connected to schools, sporting facilties, shopping areas, trails, beaches, parks and playgrounds.


A copy of Cycling South's submission can be viewed at the bottom of the page

Huntingfield pathway plan June 2020 

Margate to Snug Section

Dec 2018. The Margate to Snug Trail was officially opened by Kingborough Council. The trail has been enthusiastically received by the community, with calls to extend it further to the north and south.

Margate to Snug Trail openingDec2018

Feb 2018. Council received a grant from the Cycle Tourism Fund to extend the proposed Snug to Margate Trail to the Heritage Museum. A final design for the trail has been prepared and a Development Application was lodged by Council in 2017. It is expected that construction will occur in 2018.

Map MArgate SnugRoute from DAAug 2012. A consultant was appointed to carry out a community survey and feasibility study on a pathway between Margate and Snug. The proposed route starts in Baretta near Derwent Ave, follows the Channel Hwy to Grahams Rd in Electrona where it detours around back streets before returning to the Channel Hwy and finishing at Jarvis Rd in Snug. Another section proposes a link along Pothana Place to Snug River Bridge.

Community feedback found general support for a pathway but respondents identified a need for the pathway to be more direct (ie not detour around back streets in Electrona) and to connect to Dru Point and Kingston. Some respondents also identified the foreshore as an alternative route.


Snug to Conningham