Western route: Fern Tree to Hobart (Huon Rd & Davey St)

Huon Road

July 2021. City of Hobart has compmleted works by installing sealed shoulders where possible and incorporated a section of protected bike lane to prevent cars from cutting the corner. 

Huon RdOct 2019. Huon road is popular with recreational bicycle riders who travel uphill at much lower speeds than motorists travelling toward Fern Tree. The speed difference between bicycle riders and cars travelling uphill creates problems because of the narrow width of the uphill lane and the limited overtaking opportunities. The often constrained sight distance available for a driver looking for opportunities to overtake can be stressful for both drivers and the bicycle riders they are trying to pass.

The aim of this project is to provide more frequent opportunities for vehicles travelling uphill on Huon Road to pass bicycle riders and therefore significantly improve safety and comfort for both bicycles and other road users on this stretch of Huon Road, similar to the treatment on the Channel Hwy at Bonnet Hill.

Road shoulders will be sealed at various locations to provide space for slow, uphill bicycle riders, making it easier for motor vehicles to overtake. Due to the limitations of the location it will not be possible to provide a continuous uphill bicycle lane. Rather, a list of sites have been selected based on their potential to significantly improve safety and comfort for both cyclists and other road users on this stretch of Huon Road within the available budget. Substantial funding for this project has been provided by the Federal Government and was announced by Independent Federal Member for Clark, Andrew Wilkie MP.

More information and a concept plan is available on the City of Hobart website, where you can provide comments and feedback before 12 November 2019.