Intermediate cycling course


This course consists of 12 hours of training divided into two six-hour sessions. The course is designed for people who have some riding experience but wish to expand their horizons to improve their riding technique, overcome comfort problems, and handle traffic conditions on roads.

Successful participants in the Intermediate Skills Course should be able to:

  • Use gears and efficient pedaling technique to get up hills
  • Improve braking skills going downhill
  • Develop techniques for riding on roads confidently and competently
  • Adjust the bike for a more comfortable riding position
  • Carry out basic roadside repair, including fixing punctures
  • Learn tips for healthy and safe riding
  • Undertake commuting and touring activities.
  • Increase knowledge of road rules related to cycling

Participants are expected to provide their own bikes. However, a loan bike may be provided for participants in the Hobart area who don’t yet have their own bike.

ourse fee........................................... $125.00 ($90 conc)