Bellerive Village to Rosny Park - Kangaroo Bay Drive & Kangaroo Bay Rivulet Track

kangaroo bay rivulet track

Feb 2017. The Clarence Bicycle Strategy and Action Plan identifies a path alongside the Kangaroo Bay Rivulet (which runs from Kangaroo Bay to the Meehan) to link the Clarence Foreshore Trail to Warrane and connect up sports facilities, residential areas and educational facilities in between. A section alongside Rosny Golf Course between Rosny Hill Road and Gordons Hill Road is is now complete. The gravel path allows people walking and biking to avoid the Eastlands carpark and Bligh Street trafficKangaRivAtBarn Feb2017 on a quiet and scenic route away from motor vehicles.

Kangaroo Bay Drive reconstruction includes cycling infrastructureKangaroo Bay Drive

Oct 2015. As part of the project to reconstruct Kangaroo Bay Drive and upgrade the intersection with Rosny Hill Rd, bicycle stand up lanes and storage boxes have been included at the intersection. The storage boxes allow cyclists to move to the front of the queue where they are more visible and best postioned to cross the intersection.

A shared path is also under construction alongside Kangaroo Bay Drive that will link the Clarence Foreshore Trail at Bellerive Boardwalk to Rosny Park, providing a safe and confortable route for families and novice riders. The new 3.0m wide pathway can be seen on the left hand side of the photo.





Jun 08. CyclingSouth made a submission on the plan, which will include a significant setction of the Clarence Foreshore Trail. Some of the issues identified by CyclingSouth include bicycle "head start" boxes at Bligh/Rosny Rd intersection; bike lanes incorporated into Kangaroo Bay Rd as both a traffic calming measure and better level of service for cyclists; careful design of shared paths to minimise conflict between users including adequate width and clearance from obstructions, appropriate alignment and elimination of squeeze or conflict points; and a cycle connection from proposed Clarence St bike lanes to the foreshore path via Cambridge Rd.