Humphreys Rivulet Track

Humphreys Rivulet runs between Wellington Park and Elwick Bay and is located between Chapel St and Tolosa St. A large section of the alighment provides a fantastic location for a shared walking and cycling track. A pathway has been identified for the section between the Intercity Cycleway and Murrayfield Close which will provide a traffic-free connection to bypass the busiest section of Tolosa St.

The route includes 2 schools and 2 parks and provides a link between residential areas and the services and shops in Glenorchy CBD.

The stage between Main Road and Farnell Place has the most immediate benefit if constructed as it can be joined up with local streets to provide a walking and cycling route that avoids the busy Tolosa St traffic. 


Oct 2012. Cycling South was successful in obtaining a $10,000 Active Transport Grant from the State Government (matched with funding from Glenorchy City Council) to have a concept plan prepared for a concrete pathway along Humphreys Rivulet. The report identified 4 stages:

  1. Intercity Cycleway to Main Road
  2. Main Road to Farnell Place
  3. Farnell Place to Brent St
  4. Brent St to Murrayfield Court