Eastern route: Derwent Park Rail Trail

The old rail corridor between the Intercity Cycleway at the old Derwent Park station and Lutana is identified in the Hobart Regional Arterial Bicycle Network Plan 2009. Developing a shared path along this corridor would provide safe and convenient links between the cycleway, Moonah Primary School, shops on Derwent Park Road and the sports fields at Prince of Wales Bay.

Cycling South has proposed that Glenorchy City Council develop a multi-user trail as stage one between the Intercity Cycleway and Central Ave. This section is simpler and less expensive and avoids the cost and management issues associated with the Brooker Hwy bridge (which is likely to delay any trail development if the bridge is included in Stage 1) while still providing access between Moonah Primary School and the Intercity Cycleway.

Click on map and photos to view the location of Stage 1.

Eventually there is potential to develop the corridor into a linear park incorporating landscaping and play equipment. The trail can be extended across the Brooker Hwy and around Prince of Wales Bay (including a short section of Gepp Pde) to link it to Giblin Reserve. 

July 2021 - As part of a Marine and Innovation masterplan for Prince of Wales Bay, active transport has been considered as part of the document. The plan recommends improving connectivity for walking and cycling around the foreshore to Elwick Bay, improved crossing of the Brooker Hwy and Goodwood Rd and creation of a 'Zinc Link' shared path along the old rail corridor. 

Cycling South's submission supported the proposals and recommended improving the level of service at existing signalised crossings (by reducing long wait times and split crossings), extending the Lampton Ave crossing so it crosses the entire Brooker Hwy and improving links along Howard Road. A north-south route to connect the path alongside the Brooker Hwy at Elwick race course to Goodwood, Lutana and Cornelian Bay was also recommended.

May 2015. Cycling South wrote to the Mayor of Glenorchy requesting that Council lease the railbed from TasRail and carry out design work for stage 1 between the Intercity Cycleway and Moonah Primary School.

"The linear park proposal will likely take several years in planning and sourcing funding but there is opportunity in the meantime to preserve public access to the corridor. As it is identified in the Hobart Regional Arterial Bicycle Network Plan endorsed by Council in 2009 a pathway can be constructed as a separate project from the linear park concept. I would like to request that council undertake the following over the next 3-4 months:

• GCC obtains a lease from TasRail for the rail bed between the Intercity Cycleway and Central Ave so that access for the public is not lost. This section doesn’t include the rail bridge or the vacant land either side of the rail bed so GCC would not be taking on responsibility for weed management or the bridge.
• GCC staff prepare a design for a 2.5m wide shared crushed gravel pathway between the cycleway and Central Ave including a rail crossing by the Intercity Cycleway. This will provide costings that can be used for a submission to the 2016/17 Council budget or to seek external funding such as the Vulnerable Road Users Grant. It is estimated that this section could be constructed for around $60,000.

Timing is everything and we’ve waited years for TasRail to relinquish the corridor. Now that they are willing to, others are ready to lease it if GCC doesn’t act soon. It is already possible to walk or ride along the corridor where the rail and sleepers have been lifted. If Council leases the rail bed and removes the rail and sleepers where they are still in place, the corridor is usable and preserved for public access and future upgrades."

A response was received from Council on 18 May 2015:

"The Open Space Strategy, which was recently workshopped with the Aldermen last month, discusses in depth tracks, trails, and connections on a precinct basis.  As the Spur Line forms a link and access between the cycleway and Prince Of Wales Bay sports ground area, it is included as a potential option. If council decides to continue to develop and extend the existing shared pedestrian and bicycle pathway along the Lutana Link Spur Line, it will need to develop a feasibility study, continue conversations with Crown Land / State rail network and create funding for construction and continued maintenance."

22 February 2015. An edible weeds walk was held on the rail corridor by local community members who have formed a Facebook page in support of the project

Sept 2014. As a follow up to the community walk and talk in August, Alan Whykes from Bicycle Tasmania is organising a meeting for interested residents to discuss ideas for the corridor such as a linear park with pathway and develop a plan of action to progress this project. Meet at Goodwood Community Centre on Sunday 14 September at 3.30pm. For an overview of the route see Bicycle Tasmania website.

Aug 2014. A community walk and talk is being held on the rail corridor to discuss options for community use of the space. Meet at 4pm at 92 Derwent Park Rd on Sunday 17 August.
Jan 2014. The disused rail has been removed to accommodate the installation of stormwater pipes along the easement and discussions are underway with Glenorchy City Council, TasRail and DIER for using the corridor for a walking and cycling track connecting the cycleway to Moonah Primary School, the Prince of Wales Bay Sports Fields and Lutana.