Learn to Ride Course

This course comprises of six hours of training divided into two 3-hour sessions. It is designed for people who have never ridden a bicycle before.

Core competencies

  1. Bike selection and fit
  2. Riding routines and balancing
  3. Pedalling, turning and braking


Course size is limited to 6 people and comprises a mix of ages (ranging from 15-75 years) who have never learnt to ride a bicycle or feel very rusty. We use a proven technique that gets participants moving in a short amount of time and most are able to ride by the end of the first day.

Naturally, we understand that some people enrolling for the course may not have acquired a bike yet. Cycling South may be able to provide a mountain bike for use during the course. We strongly recommend that novices learn the fundamentals for riding in the Learn to Ride course and practice their skills on shared pathways for at least another six months before considering enrolment in an Intermediate Course


Course fee $77 ($55 conc)


The course to be held on 7 and 14th May 2016. Register here.

For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 62734463.