Midland Highway - Brighton Bypass

Bridgewater to Pontville Pathway

Dec 2015. Council is preparing designs for a pathway to link the bypass path to Brighton township along the Old Midland Hwy. There is approximately a 1km gap which will be addressed when the road is resurfaced.
July 2011. As part of the Brighton Bypass project, a 2.5m wide multi-user path has been constructed along the western side of the bypass between Bridgewater and a location approximately 1km south of the Brighton township (path shown in red on the map).
Brighton Council has started constructing a multi-user path along the Midland Hwy in Brighton township with the intention to eventually link up with Pontville. The Council-built path has been constructed between Elderslie Rd and Andrew St (shown in red) and a second section of pathway between Bedford St and Butler St (also shown in red on the map). The missing section between the Brighton Bakehouse and Bedford St will be constructed by Brighton Council when DIER hands over responsibility for the road to Brighton Council on completion of the bypass.
There is an important missing section of the pathway between the DIER constructed section and the Brighton Council constructed section which requires path users to travel along the busy shoulders of the Midland Hwy (shown as a dotted blue line on the map). Until a pathway of equal standard to the existing sections is constructed residents of Brighton are cut-off from the new section of path that leads to Bridgewater.
Cycling South met with DIER and Brighton Council officers to discuss the need for the missing 1km section to be completed in order for the pathways to meet their full potential. DIER currently owns the road but will hand over responsibility to Brighton Council once the Brighton Bypass is complete and the Midland Hwy is diverted around the township.
For more on the Brighton Bypass see DIER website.


July 2010. As part of the design for the Brighton Bypass, a 2.5m wide multi-user path is planned for construction along the western side of the bypass between Bridgewater and Brighton township. There is still an unresolved section between the bypass pathway and the Brighton township pathway. Cycling South is pushing for a separated pathway on the road reserve to link the two paths rather than on-road bike lanes and has met with officers from DIER and Brighton Council.

April 2009. Cycling South met with DIER and consultants preparing plans for the Brighton Bypass to discuss provision of a multi-user path from Bridgewater, through the industrial estate to Brighton township.