Lyell Hwy & Bridgewater Bridge

Bridgewater Bridge

Feb 2011. Work is complete on the rail crossing at Bridgewater Bridge. Although the site is constrained and the railway crossing is at an awkward angle adjacent to the road, the new work allows cyclists to swing wide to improve the angle they cross the tracks, reducing the likelihood of cyclists getting wheels caught in the tracks and being brought down on the roadway. Cycling South is also following up with DIER about clearing the gravel and debris from the bike lanes at the Granton roundabout.

Lyell Hwy/Midland Hwy intersection at Granton

Apr 09. The Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER) will commence works to upgrade the Midland Highway – Lyell Highway junction on the southern side of the Bridgewater Bridge starting Monday 20 April and due to be completed by September 2009 (subject to weather conditions).
The project works involve reconstruction of the junction to provide a roundabout and upgrade the Forest Road junction to the west. As part of the project road cyclists have been catered for on some of the approaches. The railway crossing will remain a hazard to cyclists due to the awkward angle of approach. CyclingSouth's position is for an off-road multi-user path on the south side of the Bridgewater Bridge to link around the foreshore to Old Main Rd. The pathway would  allow cyclists not using the Lyell Hwy to avoid the roundabout and enable a safer crossing of the railway tracks through improved alignment and separation from motor vehicles. CyclingSouth will persue this option as part of any future Bridgewater Bridge replacement. Below is a description of how the new roundabout will affect cyclists.
  • Lyell Hwy to Midland Hwy - cyclists will be able to ride kerbside and make a left hand turn towards the Bridgewater Bridge without too much difficulty (except for the railway crossing)
  • Lyell Hwy to Brooker Hwy - cyclists will have a green lane located between the left turn slip lane onto the Bridgewater Bridge and the through lane approaching the roundabout. When clear from the right cyclists will be able to enter the roundabout on a bike lane adjacent to the kerb and store in a cut-out in the median until traffic on the slip left turn lane from the Bridgewater Bridge to the Brooker Hwy is clear. This avoids cyclists being caught between two southbound lanes entering the Brooker Hwy.
  • Brooker Hwy to Lyell Hwy - an off-road path will be constructed back of kerb to allow cyclists to avoid the roundabout altogether and rejoin the Lyell Hwy at Forest Rd. This will advantage cyclists when there is traffic in the roundabout as they won't have to give way and will be able to bypass the roundabout.
  • Brooker Hwy to Midland Hwy - This will be a difficult manoevre and cyclists have not been catered for in this direction. Coming from the Brooker Hwy cyclists will need to keep to the left hand side of the right turn lane and avoid cars accessing the slip lane to the Lyell Hwy. CyclingSouth requested a green lane treatment similar to the one on the Lyell Hwy approach to the roundabout but DIER's response was there was inadequate space.
  • Midland Hwy to Brooker Hwy - cyclists will be able to ride kerbside and follow the sliplane around the the Brooker Hwy without too much difficulty (apart from the railway crossing)
During the construction period DIER would like road users to take extra care when using this section of road. For an overview diagram of the project see DIER website (1MB PDF).
Dec 08. DIER has prepared plans for a roundabout to be installed at this intersection. The proposal includes some green bike lane treatments to assist cyclists travelling from New Norfolk to Hobart and a bike bypass for cyclists travelling from Hobart to New Norfolk. It is positive to see that some thought has gone into how cyclists will move through this intersection.
However nothing has been provided to assist cyclists to make a difficult right hand turn travelling from Hobart towards the Bridgewater Bridge and Midland Hwy which will require the crossing of slip lane taking vehicles to New Norfolk. Also, no provision has been made for an off-road path from Old Main Rd to the Bridgewater Bridge to keep ordinary cyclists out of the roundabout altogether and complete a missing section in a Round the River Loop. CyclingSouth has met with DIER officers to discuss issues for cyclists and has suggested some changes to the plans to better accommodate cyclists.
Lyell Hwy upgrades Jul 08. CyclingSouth met with DIER and Pitt and Sherry to discuss how conditions for cyclists could be improved at part of the road upgrade between New Norfolk and Granton. Some of the options discussed included: - wider sealed shoulders - sealing shoulders in the 'bumpy bits' section which has already been upgraded without sealed shoulders - Reduced speed zones in some sections Wider sealed shoulders along the entire section of the Lyell Hwy between New Norfolk and Granton will provide some degree of separation for cyclists on one of the worst roads in the state to cycle on.