Kingborough MTB Facilities



Kaoota Tramway Track

Jan 2010. A new multi-use track being built between Kaoota and Margate will take you on a journey into the region’s coal mining history. The Kaoota Tramway Track follows a 6km section of a heritage-listed tramway alignment from a new car park next to 190 Kaoota Road and crosses the tramway reserve through to Lawless Road, Margate. The former tramway line provides a wide and a gentle gradient for the full extent of the track, offering recreation opportunities for horse riders, cyclists and bushwalkers. Council staff and contractors have braved cold and wet weather conditions to clear dense vegetation overhanging the track. Further works, in particular the construction of two bridges, will need to be carried out before the track can be opened to the public.

Kingborough MTB Skills Park

Located near the end of Kingston View Drive in Kingston (near the high school and sports precint) the park is more suitable for beginners than other MTB Parks in Hobart.

Feb 2012. Kingborough Council is developing an urban mtb park on land adjacent to the Kingborough Sports Centre.  After a long time search for a suitable site to develop purpose built mtb facilities in Kingborough, Council settled on this site due to its ease of access and proximity to other facilities and residential areas/schools etc. 

What is being developed is a two stage project with stage one being:

  • Nearly 3km of stacked loop trails mostly aimed at the intermediate riders
  • A large set of Dirt jumps with 3 distinct lines of jumps suiting beginner through to experienced riders

Stage 2 will consist of:

  • A large (double the size of the South Hobart one) pump track
  • A specific mtb skills area consisting of logs, rocks, mounds, roll overs etc
  • A purpose built beginner loop trail
  • An intermediate decent trail that links up with the earlier constructed trail loops

This project has been developed over the last few years and following a tender process, was given to Dirt Art to design and construct.

The trails have been specifically designed so riders of all abilities can ride them and as the rider gets more experienced they will be able to try out many of the numerous features that will be built into the park.  The inclusion in stage two of the purpose built beginner trail loop will provide young kids with the opportunity to develop in a safe trail environment.

Taroona Bike Park

Map of Taroona bike park site2020Apr 2020. A new pump track is being constructed as part of a proposed Taroona Bike Park. Taroona currently has a riding area known as the ‘Taroona Dirt Jumps’, however the facility is old, neglected, and does not cater for diverse user groups. A keen group of locals have come up with a plan, prepared by Summit Trails, to redevelop the site (shown in blue on the map near the schools) to create the pump track, dirt jumps and skills trail. 

Consultation has been carried out with users of the current dirt jumps area. The Taroona Environment Network (TEN) has proposed to rehabilitate and revegate areas where clean fill, originally sourced and transferred from nearby construction activities, is highly disturbed with both weed infestations and rubbish. 

The Taroona Bike Park Group have organised for a 5 tonne excavator and driver to commence on stage 1 of the project, which is the pump track. Work is expected to be complete by May 2020 and the group will seek further funding to do additional stages of the park.