Wellington Park

Wellington Park & SUrronds

Wellington Park incorporates the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park, the iconic North-South Track and an ever expanding network of tracks on the lower slopes of the mountain, all close to the Hobart CBD. 




Dec 2017. Gravity Track planning on hold to build other sections of the MTB network

Gravity Track Nov2017Council appointed World Trail in April 2017 to prepare a Gravity Track Development Plan to determine the on-ground feasibility of the proposed track including final alignment, construction methodology and cost. The 6.3km alignment traverses sub-alpine boulder field country and lower sloped woodland between the Big Bend car park and Junction Cabin. The investigations have identified that the proposed gravity track would be very challenging and costly to construct, given the rocky, sub-alpine terrain. The estimated cost for the project is in excess of $2M. It has also been identified that the proposed gravity track may not meet the expectations of the core rider market (i.e. will be rocky and technical, rather than a fast flow trail). Given the circumstances, the originally conceived gravity track does not appear to represent good value, and that the significant cost of construction would be better spent on tracks in a less challenging environment (i.e. the lower foothills), with greater accessibility, and catering to a broader spectrum of riders.

As a result of the findings, it has been recommended to the Council at the meeting to be held on 4 Dec 2017 that further planning not be undertaken at the current time, on the following grounds: 

  • The significant cost of the track relative to the provision of MTB tracks at lower elevations;
  • A lack of connectivity within the existing MTB track network; and
  • Possible limited market appeal for the track.


It is recommended that:

  • The City’s mountain bike tracks planning efforts be redirected to improving the connectivity of the existing mountain bike track network within the City.
  • Funding for the kunanyi / Mount Wellington Gravity Track in the City’s Ten Year Capital program be redirected and used for upgrading of the mountain bike network connectivity, including the existing implementation of outstanding priority tracks in the Greater Hobart Mountain Bike Master Plan 2011 along with the identification of opportunities for a shorter, shuttle-based gravity- track below the Springs.
  • Planning is to include identifying potential opportunities for the separation of walkers and mountain bikes within the track network, particularly in locations amenable for short or tourist friendly walks.


A full copy of the report and recommendations can be viewed at the Hobart Council's Parks & Recreation Committee Agenda from 30 November 2017.


Pillinger Drive Track mapJan 2016. Wellington Park's Pillinger Drive Track and Middle Track are undergoing a six-month trial to allow bicycle use, alongside walkers. The trail introduces a new cycling route between Fern Tree and the Springs and will be assessed at the end of six months. To comment on your experience of the changed track used fill out Wellington Trust's online form.





Slides track mapFeb 2016. Slides Track. Work will commence soon on the 2720m long Slides Track to connect the two popular riding areas of Knocklofty and South Hobart. Track volunteers are needed to help progress this project. Working with Council staff, volunteers are invited to build the track on the dates listed below:

  • Sunday 28th Feb: 9am to 3pm
  • Monday 29th Feb: 5pm to 8pm
  • Sunday 20 Mar: 9am to 3pm
  • Monday 21 Mar: 5pm to 7.30pm

If there is enough interest there will likely be more track build days. Contact Lisa Cawthen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your interest.


Dec 2014. Old Farm Track. At the Parks and Customer Services meeting of 4 Dec 2014 a report recommended "the conversion of the Old Farm Track to a mountain bike only, single direction (downhill only) track" Outlined in the report were a number of reasons for doing this:

  • It will help meet a strong core demand from Hobart’s 2,500 – 4,000 downhill mountain bike riders.
  • If the larger downhill MTB track concept starting from the Chalet proceeds and is well executed, the experience may also appeal to a reasonably high proportion of 7,000-12,000 Hobart based XC/All Mountain and 500-2,000 North Shore/Free riders may also use the track. Given the relatively short travel times within Tasmania, it is reasonable to suggest that there would be some intrastate participants, and potentially some interstate participants.
  • The conversion may be of concern to some walkers and cross-country mountain bike riders. This concern however is tempered by other nearby walking and riding options (the Myrtle Gully Track for walking and the Old Farm Fire Trail for walking and cross-country mountain bike riders in both directions). 
  • The Old Farm Track will be closed for one week during the construction phase of the project. Notifications of the track closure will be undertaken to advise all track users.

Council will make a decision on whether to proceed with the project on 15 December 2014.

Jan 2014. Radfords Track Works. The Council will be undertaking work to Radfords Track, between The Springs and Pinnacle Road commencing Monday 20th January. The work is expected to be completed within three weeks, hence work will be completed by Friday 7th February. The work being undertaken will include installing chicane structures comprised of large logs and rocks throughout the length of the track. These chicanes will be placed in specific locations with the express aim of reducing the speed with which mountain bike riders can achieve on the track. The desired outcome is that the risks associated with shared use track are managed and that mountain bike riders will ride on the track at a speed that is acceptable to all users of the track.

Radfords Track is a bi-directional shared use track, and is open for walkers, people walking dogs on lead and bike riders. Installing these chicane structures will ensure that all users will have the opportunity to safely enjoy the track and the environment that it is located within. The entire track will not be closed during the entire three weeks. Sections of the track will remain open that aren’t being worked on. However, access to The Springs may be limited at times. The Council apologises for any inconvenience caused during this time. The works are fully supported by the Wellington Park Management Trust.

28 Nov 2013. Track Closure. Grays Fire Trail, Wellington Park - Pipeline Track south of Silver Falls, via private property and Hobart City Council property. This illegally constructed track will shortly be closed. Reasons:

  • It has been cut/built across privately owned property without the landowner’s permission
  • It has been cut/built within Wellington Park without approval
  • Unauthorised track construction jeopardises Park values and the amenity and safety of Park users. The Park values are protected by Regulations which provide for hefty penalties.
  • This environment is home to sensitive communities of flora and fauna, including threatened species and sites of aboriginal and European cultural heritage; this is why proper surveys are done before track work is authorised.

Rehabilitation work will be costly and time consuming: resources which are otherwise used for maintenance and construction of tracks in Hobart’s Bushland reserves including Wellington Park. If you are interested in growing the track network, see below for how you can get informed and involved.

MTB Track Building opportunities - The Hobart Trail Groomers are actively looking for riders to help build and maintain tracks in the Meehan Range and Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park. Find them on facebook or via DirtDevils and other websites. The Wellington Park Management Trust and the Hobart City Council ask all riders to respect track development processes, which are already in train, and which will benefit everyone if allowed to run their course. A large number of riders have cooperated with land managers in the track planning process and we thank them sincerely for this. For any further information you can contact the Wellington Park Ranger Ben Masterman on 0408 517 534, or the Hobart City Council Bushland Project Officer Richard Greenhill on 6238 2886.

North-South Track

Dec 2011. The North South Track, Tasmania?s 10 kilometre long Iconic Wild Ride on the slopes of Mount Wellington has officially opened. The track located within Wellington Park was built in partnership with the Wellington Park Management Trust, Glenorchy City Council and the State Government the Hobart City Council undertook the project management, design and in-house construction. Possessing some amazing features, the Track has become a magnet for many mountain bikers. There are log rides, drop-offs and a rare Clapper Bridge constructed over the New Town Rivulet which flows down the northern slopes of Mt Wellington. A clapper bridge is an ancient form of bridge found on the moors of Devon and in other upland areas of the United Kingdom. It is formed by large flat slabs of stone supported on stone piers, or resting on the banks of streams. Under construction since 2006, this world class track has been developed in 3 stages from The Springs down to the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park.
June 2011. The northern half of the track has been completed, allowing access from Wellington Park through to the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park. For more see Hobart Council website.

Jan 2010. The 1.1km second stage connects the lower carpark at The Springs with Shoobridge bend on the Pinnacle Rd. It means that riders can start from the Springs without having to travel down the road to access the track.

May 07. The Glenorchy City Council and Green Corps have recently completed the new multi-use track in Wellington Park, that is open to Mountain Biking, Bushwalking and Dog Walking. The track is usable now as an extension of the cross-country trails in the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park above Tolosa Park, which will take you all the way to the top of the downhill course and to the boundary with Hobart City Council at Newtown. Whilst Hobart Council is currently working on their side of the border to link the track all the way through to the Springs on Mt Wellington, those works are still at least 12 months away, but once completed it will provide a truly iconic mountain biking experience.