Tasman Bridge to Lauderdale

 This route incorporates the following roads between Montagu Bay, Bellerive, Howrah and Rokeby.


Riawena Road

Sept 2009. Several collisions and near-misses have been reported between bicycles accessing the Tasman Bridge from Riawena Rd and cars turning from Leprena St who fail to give way. Clarence Council has addressed this issue by increasing the visibility of cyclists by installing a green bike lane across the intersection and re-linemarking the give way line for drivers.

Clarence Street

Dec 2015 - At the Council meeting to be held on 7 December, Council will consider whether to undertake public consultation on options to improve safety for users of Clarence St, based on recommendations made by the Community Collaborative Reference Group and the Technical Working Group. There are two options being considered which can be viewed on the Council agenda. Option 1 is similar to what is in place on Clarence St now with a wide undefined space and Option 3 is for defined travel lanes, defined parking spaces and defined bike lanes.

Sept 2015 - A Technical Working Group, made up of representatives from Metro, RACT, Department of State Growth, Bicycle Network Tasmania, met to review design options based on recommendations made by the Clarence Community Collaborative Reference Group for improving Clarence St. These recommendations include:

  • Clearly defined travel lanes
  • Bus stops consistently placed where pedestrian movement is located
  • Turning lanes at intersections
  • Bike lanes
  • Reduce speed limit to 50kph
  • Investigate traffic lights at Scott St intersection
  • Rationalise frequency and location of islands to reduce pinch points
  • Develop consistent landscaping theme incorporating heritage values



July 2014. A Clarence St reference group has been formed to provide recommendations for improving the safety and amenity of Clarence St for all road users. The reference group is made up of local community members who live or work near Clarence St and includes representatives from schools, retailers and community groups. The group will meet to review a safety assessment which was prepared by engineering consultancy firm Sinclair Knight Mertz in 2011 and research solutions to improve Clarence St for everyone.

Clarence St is identified in the 2007 and 2013 Clarence Bicycle Action Plan and the 2009 Hobart Regional Arterial Bicycle Network Plan as an important route for high intensity cyclists. The annual Commuter Counts and Strava heat maps confirm it's usage by cyclists. Public consultation for both the local and regional bike plans found support from the community for a bicycle facility on Clarence St.