Tasman Bridge Access

The Tasman Hwy and associated slip lanes and on/off ramps on the eastern shore create barriers for mobility for people who live or attend school in the area around the bridge. Short trips for walking and cycling are hampered by the lack of provision of safe, direct pathways to move between Rose Bay, Montagu Bay and Rosny Park. These deficiencies are slowly being addressed through the construction of shared paths linking to highway overpasses on the eastern and western shores.

tasman bridge ACCESS - EASTERN ShoreTasman path to Montagu Bay rd

March 2020 - Work is undeway to construct a concrete pathway to connect the Tasman Hwy overpass opposite Rose Bay High with Montagu Bay Road. The path will provide an alternative route to cycling up narrow and, at times, busy Riawena Road. Bicycle riders heading to Bastick St or Charles Hand Park will only have to ride a short section of Riawena Road at the top of the hill.

The path will give locals better access to the bus stop on the Tasman Hwy as well. The project was jointly funded by Clarence City Council and the State Government's Vulnerable Road Users Program.


June 2016. The East Derwent Hwy interchange shared path is now complete and open for use. The path starts at the Yolla St overpass on East Derwent Hwy and connects to the Tasman Hwy overpass by Rose Bay High School (see map below). 

East Derwent Hwy Path YollaStW

 East Derwent Hwy Path Tasman overpass








Apr 2016. Work will start shortly on construction of a 2.5m wide concrete multi-use pathway linking Rose Bay to the overpass on the Tasman Hwy. The path will be constructed as part of the East Derwent Hwy Interchange Project which is required, under the state government's Positive Provisioning Policy, to cater for walking and cycling as well as driving. Clarence Council is carrying out planning work to extend the shared pathway from the Tasman Hwy overpass along Rosny Hill Road towards Rosny Park CBD.

Map Tasman Hwy at bridge pathwaysWMar 2015. Work will commence in April on the East Derwent Hwy Interchange Project and as part of the project a shared path will be constructed linking Rose Bay to the Tasman Hwy overpass and the broader path network. Local residents have been lobbying for years for a formal connection to replace the existing goat track which will provide more direct and convenient options for moving between the local suburbs, Clarence Pool and sports centre, Gordons Hill Reserve, Rosny Park CBD and the Clarence Foreshore Trail. The ramps will be constructed first with the shared path expected to be done at the end of the project in 2016. The Mercury reports.

Aug 2014. The Department of State Growth will soon commence work on a new on-ramp and lane connecting the East Derwent Hwy to the Tasman Hwy. As part of the project a shared path will be constructed connecting Rose Bay at Yolla St to the overpass at Rose Bay High. This will provide safe and convenient access from Lindisfarne to Rosny Park. Cycling South will be meeting with the Dept of State Growth to ensure the design has suitable path widths and conections at either end. 

July 2014. The new pathway alongside the highway is complete and now open for use. The next stage from the overpass to Rosny Park is being designed.

 Bridge to overpass path-July 2014w

May 2014. There is currently no easy way to travel by bike between the Tasman Bridge and Rosny Park. Riawena Road is narrow, has a patchy surface, awkward camber and carries buses and significant amounts of local traffic during peak periods. There are also numerous turning movements in and out of the Clarence Pool, sports centre and child care centre which increases risk to bike riders on this road.

An alternative traffic-free route is being constructed alongside the Tasman Highway with funding jointly provided by DIER and Clarence City Council. Work has commenced on the missing middle section of pathway between Riawena Road and Rose Bay High overpass. When complete, the pathway will provide a traffic-free connection for people walking or riding between the Tasman Bridge and Rosny Park. The pathway will also connect to a proposed path on the northern side of the highway which will be constructed as part of the East Derwent Hwy Interchange project.

One of the advantages of the route is the lack of interaction with motor vehicles as there are only a couple of minor intersections and although there is no avoiding the hill it has an easier grade than Riawena Road. Plans for stage 3 from the overpass to Rosny Barn are yet to be completed. In the meantime there is a footpath alongside Rosny Hill Road that can be used for riding uphill and Rosny Hill Road is suitable for riders going downhill who want to go fast. The route will connect to the proposed Kangaroo Bay Rivulet Track which will run alongside the Rosny golf course towards Mornington.

Sept 2013. Clarence City Council, with funding from DIER, has constructed the first stage of a concrete pathway alongside the Tasman Hwy from the Tasman Bridge to the overpass near Rose Bay High School. Design work is being done on the missing middle section.

Jan 08. Clarence City Council has commenced work on a new path to improve access to the Tasman Bridge from Lindisfarne. An embankment has been cut into to create space for a 2.2m wide shared path that links to the bridge and will allow cyclists exiting the bridge to remain on the path and avoid crossing Topham St where sightlines are poor. DIER has relocated the fence on the approach to the bridge to create more space.

July 07. The Clarence Council Bicycle Advisory Committee has examined options for improving cycle access to the bridge from the Eastern Shore, particularly for cyclists travelling from the Cambridge direction. The committee went on a bike ride with Council staff in May to identify route options and improvements and a plan will be drawn up by Clarence Council in order to approach DIER for funding to start work. The identified route will require construction of pathways to replace 'goat tracks' that have formed where people are already accessing the bridge along the verges of the Tasman Hwy, as well as some additional treatments. Funding has also been allocated in the council budget for removing some of the embankment along Topham St to construct a walkway linking to the bridge access ramp. This will eliminate the need for pedestrians using Topham St to walk on the road and allow cyclists to stay on the path if they wish.

Tasman Bridge Access - Western Shore

Dec 2017. The underpass at the Tasman Bridge control room has been the site of several crashes and near-misses due to the poor sightlines, tight corner and resticted space. State Growth has moved the fence further back and widened the path, increasing clearances between riders and opening up the radius of the corner. These changes should help reduce the likelihood of crashes.
Tasman Bridge underpass Before After