City to New Town via Intercity Cycleway

The Intercity Cycleway is an arterial entry point to Hobart for riders from the eastern shore or northern suburbs. The connection at the end of the Intercity Cycleway at the Regatta Grounds to the City and Waterfront are vital for transport cycling.

Two routes are being developed from the end of the cycleway - one via Macquarie Point and the other via Liverpool St and the Rose Garden Bridge to Bathurst St.



Double Bridges


July 2020. Consultation on walking and cycling improvements between the city and Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens has been extended until 13 July 2020. The proposed path upgrades will establish linkages between the Bridge of Remembrance, the Rose Garden Bridge (over the Brooker) and the Botanical Gardens. Two routes will be developed, with one being available for cycling. Have your say until 13 July 2020.

May 2020. The bridge over the Brooker Highway at Bathurst St is now open. The Rose Garden Bridge forms part of a traffic-free route from the end of the Intercity Cycleway to Campbell St and is a useful connection for people heading to/from the UTAS Medical precinct. 

Feb 2020. Council installed a new crossing at Aberdeen St.

Intercity cycleway - Regatta Grounds to New Town

Regatta Grounds cycleway

May 2021. The City of Hobart is upgrading the Regatta Ground car park, which will include the installation of a separated cycleway linking the existing Hobart track with the Macquarie Point cycleway. This project is expected to be complete by December. Although the Macquarie Point cycleway is closed while internal works are underway at Mac Point, the new extension will provide improved access to the Intercity Cycleway for people parking at the Regatta Grounds.

Cracking on cycleway

Nov 2014. The embankment just north of the Risdon Road bridge has been subsiding and causing cracking on the cycleway which has become more prevalent in the past 12 months. HCC is investigating options for addressing the problem which is believed to be caused by poor drainage. The cycleway may need to be closed through this section for a week in order to carry out repairs. A decision will be made shortly with works possibly commencing in December 2014.

New signage and chicane gates

cycleway signMay 2014. A chicane gate has been removed from each road crossing on the Intercity Cycleway as part of a signage project. The entrances to the cycleway are now more accessible, especially for people on recumbant bikes, tandems or towing trailers. The remaining gates have been refurbished and installed with new signs attached to them. The signage has been done in accord with DIER's cycleway signage guidelines so that bike route signage across Tasmania is consistent with the same colour scheme and format. The Glenorchy section of the cycleway will be done as stage 2 and planning work is underway.

Nov 2013. Cycling South, in conjunction with Glenorchy and Hobart City Councils is reviewing the signage on the Intercity Cycleway. The signage is dated and inconsistent and some intersections such as the Tasman Bridge have no signage at all. Vandalism and exposure to the elements have also taken their toll. New signage and redesigned chicane gates are expected to be installed in the Hobart Council section over the next few months.

Sept 2013. Hobart City Council has constructed a gravel pathway to connect the Intercity Cycleway to the playground and amenities at Cornelian Bay.

Sept 2013. New pavement markers have been installed at locations where there is potential for conflict and the need for bike riders to ride slowly through these sections. The markers are located at New Town High School, Zero Davey cafe and hotel, and outside the Marine Board building to remider riders to take care and ride slowly.

Aug 06. Work has commenced on the new picnic area near the start of the Cycleway at the Regatta Grounds. Paving and landscaping has been carried. Members of the Hobart Bicycle Advisory Committee planted 64 new trees on 30 July 2006.