Northern Route - Lenah Valley to North Hobart

Lenah Valley Road, Augusta Road and New Town Road form part of a route from Hobart's northern suburbs to the CBD. 

commercial road

Jan 2018. Council has installed two kerb ramps to allow people to cycle onto quiet Commercial Road (behind Blue Gum hire) as an alternative to riding on the two-lane section of Elizabeth St around the bend. Commercial Rd comes out at the Elizabeth St/Federal St intersection.

CommercialRd Jan2018


Augusta Road

July 2015. The linemarking on Augusta Road is now complete and incorporates uphill bike lanes.

 Augusta Rd lanes July 2015

June 2015. Council has commenced work on a Vulnerable Road Users Project to install a median on Augusta Road between Giblin St and Creek Road to improve pedestrian safety. As part of the project uphill bike lanes will be installed. There is insufficient road width to have bike lanes in both directions as well as a median. 


Commercial Road provides a handy connection between Blue Gum Hire at the top of Elizabeth St to Federal St, allowing bike riders to bypass the busy section of Elizabeth St and connect to the Argyle St bicycle lanes via Federal St. Although it is a 2-way road access is closed to motor vehicles at the northern end. An entry point is required through the road closure to allow easy cycling access. It has been raised at the Hobart Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting.