Tasman Bridge to Airport


Tasman Hwy corridor cycle route mapThe Clarence Bicycle Strategy and Action Plan identifies a pathway from the Tasman Bridge to Mornington roundabout and bike lanes along Cambridge Rd to the airport. In the map above, completed sections or sections under construction are shown in green on the map and incomplete sections are shown in red.

Nov 2020 - The Department of State Growth has released a Sorell to Hobart planning study which prioritises the completion of connected cyclepaths along the Tasman Hwy between the Mornington roundabout and the Tasman Bridge, including a connection to the planned Bellerive Ferry Terminal. Where practical, off-road cycleways are preferred.

The Department of State Growth map (left) shows existing off-road cycleways in green and proposed in dotted green. Proposed on-road cycleways are shown in yellow. 

Section 1 - Tasman Bridge to rosny park

Rosnyhill Rd path May2020June 2020. A new path alongside Rosny Hill Road completes a gap in the Greater Hobart bike network. It is now possible to ride between the CBDs of Glenorchy, Rosny Park and Hobart Waterfront without riding on the road. Clarence City Council constructed the path, with the State Government contributing funding through the Vulnerable Road Users Program. The path bypasses the Rosny Hill Road bus stop and the fence at the golf course was moved back to accommodate the new path. There are still a couple of poles in the path, which will be relocated by TasNetworks. Until that happen, the poles have been painted yellow and have witches hats around them.

May 2020. The footpad alongside the Tasman Hwy between the bus stop under the Rose Bay High overpass and Montagu Bay Road by the church has been upgraded to a 1.8m wide concrete path. It offers an alternative uphill route to riding up Riawena Road, bringing cyclists onto Riawena Road near the top of the hill.

MontaguBayRd connector Apr2020

Feb 2017.. A shared path has been constructed from the Tasman Bridge to Rosny Hill Rd that paralells the highway. Links to the main path have been constructed from the East Derwent Hwy (as part of the East Derwent Hwy Interchange Project) and Clarence Council is designing a link path from Montagu Bay Rd (near the church) to the overpass by Rose Bay High.  See Tasman Bridge & Tasman Hwy page for details.

Nov 2016. Clarence City Council has commenced work on the next stage of the path from the overpass by Rose Bay High along Rosny Hill Road where it crosses over the highway. The project includes a widened footpath to 2.5m and kerb ramps at the driveway crossing to the City View Motel. The improved surface and width will benefit Rose Bay High School students and enhance active travel between the Tasman Bridge and Rosny Park.

RosnyHillRd overpass Oct2016


Aug 2018. Anyone who has driven through the Mornington roundabout at peak times will know how difficult it is in a car. On foot or bicycle it is virtually impossible to cross the road without taking considerable risks. Cycling South appointed Sugden and Gee to investigate the feasibility of an underpass or bridge at the Mornington roundabout to remove a significant blockage for walking and cycling in the area. The report identified an underpass as the most cost-effective and suitable option. The underpass would be located under the Tasman Hwy on-ramp towards Hobart and would provide a link between the end of Bligh St and Cambridge Rd on the eastern side of the roundabout. Cost is estimated at $1.5M.

The Clarence Bicycle Action Plan identifies a Tasman Hwy Cyclway between Rosny Hill Road overpass and the Mornington Roundabout. Combined with an underpass at the roundabout, it would allow residents of Mornington to walk or cycle safely to sports facitilies, services and retail areas at Rosny Park, schools and even the Hobart waterfront on pathways separated from traffic and with minimal road crossings.

Underpass plans Mornington

May 2017. Cycling South has been successful in obtaining a grant from the State Government's Community Infrastructure Fund to carry out a feasibility study on a pathway alongside the Tasman Hwy between Rosny Hill Rd and Mornington Roundabout. The study will investigate options for a safe crossing at the roundabout.

2009. A shared path has been constructed around the perimeter of the roundabout. The path allows riders to cross each leg of the roundabout individually which is slower but also safer, especially when the roundabout is busy. Ideally a grade-separated crossing (bridge or underpass) from the end of Bligh St to the eastern side of South Arm Hwy is the best outcome for people walking and riding but this will need to be pursued as a separate project.

April 07. The Mornington roundabout intersection is currently being reviewed for DIER by consultants, Pitt and Sherry. This is an important intersection for cyclists as it provides a connection to the Tasman Hwy and Cambridge, as well as access to Cambridge Rd and Bligh St, Warrane. CyclingSouth has been in contact with DIER to ensure that bicycle traffic is accommodated in the intersection design. An underpass connecting Bligh St to the east side of South Arm Hwy is the preferred option.


Aug 2017. Bike lanes have been marked on Cambridge Road between Cambridge Primary School and Kennedy Drive.

July 2017 - The roadway has been widened, parking has been formalised and indented and bike lanes have been included in the road upgrade for Cambridge Road between the Mornington roundabout and Pass Road. A section of the lanes run behind the kerb due to underground services preventing the pavement of the road being widened. The new lanes increase separation between cars and bike riders improving traffic flow for drivers and comfort for riders. Cambridge Rd Before After 



May 2017. Clarence Council has started work to install a bike lane on Cambridge Road between the Mornington Roundabout and Pass Road. the current gravel shoulder in the outbound direction will be replaced with a bike lane.

Aug 2014. Clarence Council will commence linemarking for bike lanes between Cambridge Primary School and the Acton Roundabout/Kennedy Drive. A white edgeline is being marked but bicycle logos and signage won't be installed until a carpark is built at the old Chicken Feed warehouse to remove carparking from the road verge.


Kennedy Dr-W

Kennedy Drive bike lanes
July 2010. Clarence Council has commenced initial work on bike lanes for Kennedy Drive in Cambridge doing surface preparation, shoulder extension and patching. Line marking and signage will be installed following the preparation work and the final surface sealing will be done as part of Council's road sealing program in early 2011.


section 4 - kennedy drive from Airport roundabout to airport

Hobart Airport Interchange

Sept 2022. Work is underway on the construction of a new shared pathway to connect the Kennedy Drive bike lanes to Holyman Ave. The shared path allows riders to transition from the road to the path to avoid the two dual-lane roundabouts at the airport interchange. The exits on the roundabout are conflict points for cyclists and unless riders "take the lane" through the roundabouts they will be cut-off at the roundabout exits.  

Airport interchange dual rounabouts

 Dec 2017. Planning work is underway to replace the airport roundabout with an interchange. The increase in traffic makes it a difficult and dangerous intersection for people cycling between Kennedy Drive, the airport and the Sorell Causeway. If properly designed to accommodate cycling traffic, the new overpass will improve the connectivity of these cycling routes.

A copy of the plans for the airport interchange can be viewed on the State Growth website. Cycling South made a submission and met with State Growth officers to discuss the project and will continue to liase with State Growth as the planning becomes more advanced. Cycling South's submission included details on how to incorporate bike lanes into the project, including managing conflict points, as well as a provision of a pathway for walking between Holyman Ave and Kennedy Drive.

Hobart Airport Interchange image