Clarence Foreshore Trail

The trail runs between Geilston Bay and Tranmere with a missing section in the middle around Howrah Point. Clarence City Council has completed a number of gaps in the trail and upgraded older sections. For a map and details on riding the trail see Greater Hobart Trails website. To view the work that has been carried out on the foreshore trail over the years including recent activity click on the links below:


Montagu Bay & Rosny POINT Section

Nov 2021 - Council has continued upgrading one of the oldest sections of the Clarence Foreshore Trail. The upgrades include widening the trail to meet the minimum width in the Austroads Guides for a shared use trail, which provides more space for people to walk side by side while leaving adequate room for people to pass. The trail has been realigned in a couple of sections where the old hotmix path was too close to the edge of a drop. Some of the steeper sections have been modified so bike riders don't stall when going uphill or pick up too much speed going downhill. The latest section to be upgraded is to the west of the Rosny Treatment Plant and it is due to be opened in time for Christmas.

West of treatment plant Nov 2021 2

Treatment Plant switchback July 2021Aug 2021 - Work to replace the steep switchback section of the path is complete, with safety fencing along the lower section of path where there is a drop to the water the last bit to be installed. The narrow, cracked hotmix path around Rosny Point has been widened and realigned in places to eliminate steep pinches and provide more room for passing. The steep climb around the Treatment Plant has been made a little easier with wider radii on the curves and reduced grades.

Additional work will be done to widen the path around She-oak Point, which will also involve stabilising the eroding river bank first.

The section between Montagu Bay and the Treatment Plant is currently being upgraded and detours will be in place while works are underway. 



CFT Montagu Bay before after

Apr 2021 - Work has commenced on upgrading the hotmix path around the Treatment Plant on Rosny Point. The new concrete path adjacent to Bastick St is wider and has reduced some of the elevation so it's not such a long climb up the hill. A detour is in place during construction. The next stage of the project will involve realigning the steep, tight switchbacks between the Treatment Plant and Seabird Lane.

CFT Rosny Point

July 2018 - The no-mans land under the Tasman Bridge has been tidied up and utilisted for the Clarence Foreshore Trail. When the old SES building burnt down at the end of 2017 there was opportunity to utilise the old driveway under the bridge and realign a steep section by the Montagu Bay Primary School fence. Council has realigned the path to remove a steep pinch point, improve sightlines for the safety of path users and extend the path to Rose Bay Esplanade. A short section of the old hotmix path remains as an off-shoot, to give walkers access to the water. Before After CFT TasmanBridge

 Aug 2016. Council has realigned and widened the section of path on the western side of the Rosny treatment plant. The realigned concrete path replaces a steep climb/descent with a sharp corner at the bottom.

Apr 2014. The first stage of the track realignment around Rosny Point Sewerage works is complete. A steep section that went directly down the hill has been realigned on a gentler gradient. This makes it safer for those going downhill and easier for those coming up hill. Further future works are planned to realign and reduce the gradients on the other side of the sewerage works.

Nov 2013. Design work is underway for realigning the steep sections of trail round the Rosny Point sewerage works. There is funding in th 2013/14 budget for upgrading this section of pathway.

Dec 2008. Work has commenced on repairing a retaining wall and constructing a path alongside the Mongagu Bay boat shed. A missing section of path through this location resulted in walkers and cyclists using the road, which was not ideal for elderly, disabled or young children. The path should be constructed by early 2009.


Lindisfarne Section - Rose Bay Esplanade

Oct 2021 - The gap in the trail at the one-way section of Ford Parade by the sailing club is being remedied. Work is underway to construct a shared pathway alongside the one-way road to provide a continuous connection through to Anzac Park.

Ford parade one way section Sept 2021

Apr 2021 - Work has commenced on upgrading the section of the Clarence Foreshore Trail alongside Ford Parade in Lindisfarne. The upgrades wil eventually be extended through to Anzac Park, with the trail kept on one side of the road to eliminate road crossings. 

CFT Lindisfarne 

May 2016. Rose Bay Esplanade path upgrade - Work is complete on upgrading the Clarence Foreshore Trail along Rose Bay Esplanade between Ronnie St and Marana Ave. The path has been widened to 2.5m making it easier for people to overtake. The concrete surface is smooth and longer lasting than the hotmix it replaced. A centre line will be marked shortly. A short section of path between Marana Ave to underneath the Tasman Bridge is yet to be done.


Apr 2016. Anzac Park path upgrade- Council has upgraded a section of hotmix path through Anzac Park to a 2.5m wide concrete path. The new path is wider and the concrete will provide a smoother surface with less maintenance issues. The new path starts at Tahune St and stops near the top of the hill.

Anzac Park Path1  Anzac Park PAth2








Feb 2016. Work has commenced on upgrading a section of the Clarence Foreshore Trail in Rose Bay to a 2.5m wide concrete pathway. The old narrow hotmix path didn't provide adequate space for people to pass one another and it was cracked and damaged by vigorous grass growth. The new pathway will be realigned around the boat ramp to eliminate sharp corners and provide a more direct alignment. Work is commencing at Ronnie St and will be extended towards the Tasman Bridge.

Rose Bay1 Feb2016W


Sept 2014. The scenic coastal trail is now open, providing a continuous off-road link between Simmons Park and the Tasman Bridge.

CFT Lindisfarne bridgeWMay 2014. Work has commenced on the final stage of the Lindisfarne section of the Clarence Foreshore Trail. The foundations and boardwalk section are now in place and work should be complete by the middle of the year. Already the new pathway along the Lindisfarne Esplanade is showing benefits. 9 children, some accompanied by parents, were counted riding to school during the annual March counts this year even though the trail still has a gap in it. It is the first time children have been observed riding to school on the annual counts day and it is expected that even more children will be able to ride once the gap is completed.

Nov 2013. An improved connection between Anzac Park and the foreshore trail at the end of Talune St has been constructed by Council. The original narrow footpath along Talune St has been upgraded to a shared path width with new kerb ramps at road crossings. The path has several poles in the middle section that need to be avoided. Linemarking is expected to be installed shortly.

Jul 2013. Work has commenced on installing the piles for the elevated boardwalk. The decking is not expected to be installed until later in the year.

Jan 2013. Clarence Council has commenced work on Stage 2 of the Clarence Foreshore Trail as well as the section through Simmons Park. The concrete pathway through the park will be 2.8m wide, replacing the narrow hotmix path, an will be attractively landscaped.

Aug 2012. Council has commenced work on the last major missing section of the Clarence Foreshore Trail. When complete it will provide a continuous path between the Tasman Bridge and Simmons Park. The work includes a hotmix pathway adjacent to the roadway with linemarking, bollards and peg-down kerbs to provide separation from traffic. The middle section will required an elevated boardwalk to bypass the large gum tree.


Kangaroo Bay Section - Bellerive Village 

Feb 2018. Council has upgraded the Clarence Foreshore Trail at the Rosny Boat Ramp by Rosny College. The path was often used for parking boat trailers and was not well-defined. The new path includes a kerb to prevent vehicles from parking on it. The blind corner at Rosny College has been widened out as part of the sewerage pipe removal, significantly improving the safety on this section of path.

Jan 2018. Planning approval has been given to a hotel and hospitality school at Kangaroo Bay which includes a shared pathway around the front of the hotel by the waterfront. 

Dec 2014. The squeeze point by the Clarence Hotel where path users were forced onto a narrow footpath has been widenened to make the space more people-friendly and provide improved amenity for the trail through this section.

ClarenceHotel-beforeWNew path by Clarence Hotel Dec 2014w

Before and after photos of the Clarence Foreshore Trail at the Clarence Hotel

Mar 2011. Clarence Council has commenced work to upgrade the section of path between the new Bellerive Boardwalk at Kangaroo Bay and Rosny College. The path is 3.0m wide and constructed in concrete which will provide a better riding experience than the narrow, rutted and cracked hotmix surface it is replacing. Included in the project is a grassy area with seating where people can sit and look at the yachts in the bay with Mt Wellington in the background.

Bridge at yacht club opened
27 Oct 2010. Clarence Mayor, Ald Jock Campbell, officially opened the bridge over the Bellerive Yacht Club slipway at the Bellerive Boardwalk. This completes another gap in the foreshore trail by eliminating a detour along Cambridge Rd. It creates more opportunity for families and recreational riders to visit the boardwalk by bicycle and have an uninterrupted ride from the Tasman Bridge to Bellerive Oval. For more see Clarence Council website.

June 2010. Back in November 2009 construction of the boardwalk and bridge across the Bellerive Yacht Club slipway commenced. It is now close to being completed with the bridge in place and the boardwalk constructed. Adjoining paving and seating has been installed and only minor works are left such as hand rails. It is expected to be officially opened in July or August.

The bridge is retractable and will be drawn back whenever a boat needs to use the slipway of the yacht club. When opened it will be a significant link in the foreshore trail. Currently users of the Clarence Foreshore Trail need to detour to Cambridge Rd to bypass the slipway. 
Kangaroo Bay Concept Plan
Jun 08. CyclingSouth made a submission on the plan, which will include a significant setction of the Clarence Foreshore Trail. Some of the issues identified by CyclingSouth include bicycle storage boxes at Bligh/Rosny Rd intersection; bike lanes incorporated into Kangaroo Bay Rd as both a traffic calming measure and better level of service for cyclists; careful design of shared paths to minimise conflict between users including adequate width and clearance from obstructions, appropriate alignment and elimination of squeeze or conflict points; and a cycle connection from proposed Clarence St bike lanes to the foreshore path via Cambridge Rd.


Bellerive Section - Second bluff, Alexandra Esplanade & Bellerive Bluff

Sept 2014. The new pathway around Bellerive Bluff is now open. Temporary fencing will be replaced with permanent fencing shortly.  The photos (right) show what the pathway looked like before and after the works.

June 2014. Work has commenced on sealing the roadway and upgrading the path around Bellerive Bluff. The narrow path is less than 1.0m wide in places and is often congested or a source of conflict between path users. In wetter months the surface becomes muddy and slippery. As part of a project to seal the road around the bluff, a wider concrete shared pathway of 2.0m width will be constructed. This is the minimum width for a shared path in the Austroads Engineering Guidelines and 2.5m is a preferred width but the constraints of the site prevent making the path any wider. During construction there will be disruption to path users with a detour required.

Apr 2012. Council has almost completed construction of a 2.5m wide concrete pathway between Bellerive Beach Park and Second Bluff. The project will complete a significant missng section in the trail with walkers and bike riders now able to keep off the roadway. Only the short section along the cul-de-sac is to be done.

July 2011. Work is underway to construct a missing section of the Clarence Foreshore Trail along Alexandra Esplanade and Second Bluff. Thanks to a $150,000 grant from Sport & Recreation Tasmania, a 2.5m wide concrete path is being constructed to close a gap between the existing gravel track on Second Bluff and the hotmix path near Bellerive Oval.

Dec 2010. Council has realigned the track at Second Bluff to make it wider and improve sight distance. Work is expected to be complete by Christmas.

April 2010. The missing section of the Clarence Foreshore Trail along Victoria Esplanade has been completed. The pathway between Gunning St and Queen St has been separated from the road through the installation of a wire rope barrier (this was recommendation of a road safety audit prior to the path proposal and became a requirement of the project). A section of Victoria Esplanade was changed to one-way motor vehicle traffic to provide space to accommodate the path.

Council's application for federal funds to complete two other significant gaps in the Clarence Foreshore Trail in Lindisfarne (Simmons Park to Ronnie St) and Bellerive (Alexandra Esplanade to Second Bluff) was unsuccessful and still remain a high prioirty for completion.

April 07. A missing section in the foreshore trail is now complete around Bellerive Bluff along Victoria Esplanade from Cambridge Rd to Abbott St. The 2.2m wide concrete path provides a good quality surface for walkers and cyclists and completes another missing link in the foreshore trail. Further landscaping works will be carried out to prevent debris from being washed onto the path after rain.

Tranmere Section 

Gravel foreshore trail Tranmere June2016July 2016. Maintenance and upgrade work has been carried out on the gravel track along the Tranmere foreshore. The works included widening narrow sections to make it easier for trail users to pass and improving the surface, particularly where ruts and weed growth had occured. 

June 2016. The Pindos Park section of the trail is currently closed while Council have a risk assessor determine whether safety fencing is required. The assessment will be carried out in July.

Feb 2016. Work is almost complete on the 200m extention of the concrete shared path to Pindos Park in Tranmere. The new 2.5m wide concrete pathway provides a smooth level surface accessible by children on scooters, people on bikes, parents with prams or mobility scooter users and offers improved access to the park. Minor finishing work is required prior to the path opening to the public, along with some landscaping works. The path stops just short of the park while Aboriginal Heritage Assessments are carried out. Council intends to complete the final link to the park in the next few months. 

 Tranmere PindosFeb2016

Sept 2015. Work is almost complete on a new section of the trail along the Tranmere foreshore. The project completes the last missing section from Cohuna St to the bus turning circle. The 2.5m wide path is not interrupted by driveway or road crossings and provides a comfortable walk or ride alongside the foreshore. 

Tranmere before after

July 2009. Council has commenced work on another section of the foreshore trail at Tranmere. 

April 07. Council has commenced construction of a 2m wide shared path along Tranmere Road from Pindos Drive to Cohuna Street. This path will complete a missing link in footpaths in the area and will hopefully eventually link up with the Foreshore Trail in Howrah.

Geilston Bay Section

Oct 2011. The bridge connecting the new section of cycleway to Geilston Creek Road and the Shag Bay Walking Track is under construction and should be completed by November. It's a family-friendly area with a playground, grassy waterside reserve and good quality path for scooting and bike riding. Matching funds were provided by Sport & Recreation Tasmania's Trails and Bikeways Program. 

July 2011. Council has started constructing a high quality concrete cycleway that will provide a connection from the Sugarloaf Path to Derwent Ave (via Geilston Bay Rd and Musgrove Ave). This will provide a convenient short-cut for commuting cyclist accessing the Tasman Bridge via Derwent Ave and the Esplanade, enabling them to avoid the busier sections of East Derwent Hwy. Recreational riders will be able to go all the way to Risdon Vale via multi-user paths and quiet residential streets. A bridge over Geilston Creek has been designed and work is expected to commence in August. Half the funding for the project was provided by Sport & Recreation Tasmania's Trails and Bikeways Program. The concrete multi-user path links to Musgrove Ave. The gravel track becomes narrower when it follows the rock-walled foreshore section. Although bikes are not banned from the gravel section, due to the narrowness of the track riders are encouraged to use Derwent Ave and connect up with the foreshore trail further along. The concrete path will connect to the toilets, playground and eventually to a bridge over Geilston Creek. Work is expected to start on the bridge in August 2011.

Dec 2010. Thanks to a grant from Sport and Recreation Tasmania a new bridge will be constructed over Geilston Creek and a concrete cycleway will connect the new bridge to Musgrove Ave and Derwent Ave. This will provide a link from the Sugarloaf Rd path along Geilston Bay Rd to the Clarence Foreshore Trail and enable cyclists to avoid the East Derwent Hwy and signalised intersection at Derwent Ave. Click here to view map. Geilston Bay will become a starting location for riding the Clarence Foreshore Trail. A narrow rock-walled track has been constructed along the foreshore but will not be suitable for road bikes which will still need to detour along Derwent Ave. Fat tyre bikes are not restricted from the foreshore track provided they give way to walkers but due to the narrowness of the gravel track bikers are encouraged to use Derwent Ave. Work is expected to commence in January 2011.