Cycling South at a glance

CyclingSouth is the Greater Hobart Councils Regional Cycling Committee.

The member councils are developing and improving infrastructure such as pathways, bike lanes, sealed shoulders and end of trip facilities that connect at Council boundaries. The activities of CyclingSouth are overseen by a Management Committee comprising aldermen/councillors and officers from Clarence, Glenorchy, Hobart, Kingborough and Brighton Councils along with representatives from Bicycle Tasmania and DIER. The Management Committee meets bi-monthly.



CyclingSouth aims to encourage increased recreational and transport usage of bikes primarily through the development of an integrated cycling network. CyclingSouth plays an important role in the planned and strategic development of infrastructure. The member councils are all working towards building and improving infrastructure such as pathways, bike lanes, sealed shoulders and end of trip facilities. CyclingSouth continues to develop programs that encourage more people to enjoy riding their bikes and it plays an advocacy role for cycling at all levels of government.

What CyclingSouth does

Some of the activities carried out by CyclingSouth include:

  • Cycling courses for adults
  • Hobart Bike Map
  • Bicycle counts data
  • Support Bike Week
  • Work with DIER and Council officers to build the bike network.



CyclingSouth employs a part-time Executive Officer, Mary McParland, to carry out the day-to-day operation of the organisation and implement strategic and operational plans. Our adult cycling courses are taught by Mary McParland and Jeff Dunn.

Previously, Mary worked as a Cycling Development Officer for Bicycle Victoria for three and a half years before moving to Hobart to take up the position with CyclingSouth in September 2005. Mary has lived and worked in Vancouver, Belfast, Glasgow and London and has cycle-toured across North America, UK, Europe, North Africa and mainland Australia, providing her with a range of knowledge on cycling facilities around the world. While at Bicycle Victoria, Mary participated in a working group for the Victorian Trails strategy, carried out a signage and navigation audit and report on the 560km Metropolitan Trail Network for Parks Victoria, developed a rail trail program subsequently funded by the Victorian State Government and worked with VicRoads and local councils to develop cycling infrastructure. Other activities Mary was involved with include Mayors on Bikes at Ride to Work Day and VicRoads Bicycle Facility Workshops. 

Rowan Burns was the previous Executive Officer with CyclingSouth from September 2000 to June 2005.



The organisation grew from the Southern Regional Councils Bicycle Committee which was established in the mid-1990s, and was responsible for several initiatives including Round-the-River Fun Rides for State Bike Week, and the Hobart Bike Map, the first of its type in Tasmania. The committee was made up of representatives from Brighton, Clarence, Kingborough, Hobart and Glenorchy Councils.

In mid-2000, the Regional Committee – working with the State Bicycle Advisory Committee – successfully applied for three years of funding from Active Australia through the Tasmanian Office of Sport and Recreation. The original five Council members of the Regional Committee agreed to contribute to the other half of the funding. As a result, a Development Officer was appointed on 18 September 2000. This position was later upgraded to Executive Officer to better reflect the role.

Our achievements

The Cycling South annual report outlines our achievements each year. More>>