National Awards

The National Bicycling Achievement Award is awarded annually by the Cycling Promotion Fund.

In 2009 the National award for Contribution towards Cycling by a Politician was won jointly by the Premier, the Leader of the Opposition and the leader of the Greens in Tasmania. Due to State Parliamentary commitments the joint winners could not be in Canberra to receive their Awards. It was presented David Bartlett, Will Hodgeman and Nick McKim on 26 March 2009 on Parliament House Lawns by Chair of CyclingSouth, Ald Flora Fox; Chair of the Tasmanian Bicycle Council, Tim Stredwick; and Katie Kingshot of Healthy Transport Hobart. Image
The Citiation for the award reads:
"The three Tasmanian politicial leaders have repeatedly put asside political differences to show leadership by jointly attending cycling events in Tasmania such as the reconsituted Courteous Critical mass and the the Ride to Work Day breakfast.
Having all three political leaders stand shoulder to shoulder with a shared dream for cycling in Tasmania has changed the way the Tasmanian State Bureaucracy is viewing cycling and has begun the process of cultral change in the Island State."