Legends Award

The Legends Award recognises outstanding achievements people who have been involved in cycling for a long time. It was introduced in 2004 but is not an annual award and is supplied by Linda and Tony Cook.


Past recipients are:

2004 - Graeme Squires and Margaret Mosman.
At 74 years old Graeme has had a long association with cycling. He represented Australia at the commonwealth games and in recent years completed the 210km Around the Bay in a Day ride 12 months after having surgery and radiation treatment to remove a 4.3kg abdominal growth. He has been riding to the top of Mt Wellington as part of his training for an upcoming 9-day cycle touring trip.
At 62 years, Margaret rode solo and fully-loaded 10,427km to see her son in Ballarat and grandson in Broome. Her latest adventure was to ride from Melbourne to Adelaide, Darwin, Cape Tribulation, Brisbane and along the Eastern seaboard to Lakes Entrance and Melbourne, a total of 18,661 kms. Some people only dream it but Margaret has gone out there and done it.



2005 - John and Grace Pickmere
In his 80's John leads a group of cyclists on a regular Thursday ride and has done so with the assistance of Grace since 1986. The group of around 20-25 cyclists call themselves the 'Geriatric Cyclists (but young at heart)'. John hasn't let a heart bypass operation, shoulder reconstruction or hip replacements stop him from cycling. After an encounter with a blackberry bush on one of his rides Grace made sure John was equipped with elbow guards for his next trip. As well as the mid-week rides, John and Grace also organise extended trips to various parts of the state. His enthusiasm is infectious and his cycling friends admire him for his determination and courage.

2006 - Ray Appleby Image