Clips Award

The Bicycle Tasmania Clips Award acknowledges groups or organisatinos which have contributed to growth and acceptance of cycling in all its forms, throughout the Tasmanian community.


Previous recipients are:

2013 - MONA

MONA has taken deliberate and effective steps to support bicycle riding as a form of transport. MONA event promotions encourage bike riding as a means of getting to the events and provides hire bikes for getting to the museum from the CBD. They provided bicycle valet parking at numerous events and supported Bicycle Tasmania by contracting it to deliver that service. MONA staff have supported Ride to Work Day and Bicycle Tasmania advocacy activities. Pictured is Bicycle Tasmania President Jeff Dunn presenting the award to Myra Moller from MONA.

 2013 Clips-MONAweb

2012 - Bike Ride

For their support of the 'Why Ride' campaign, supporting the Sandy Bay Rd project, promotion of cycle chic and tweed ride and stocking a range of European-style city bikes to cater for a wider non-sport demographic to take up cycling.

 2012 Clips-Bike RideW
2011 - Tamar Bicycle Users Group
For their active work in lobbying and supporting Launceston Council to develop more bicycle infrastructure and running regular rides and activities to get more people riding bikes. Pictured is Malcolm Cowan and Anna Povey.
2011 Clips-TBUG 
2010 - Hobart Bike Kitchen
For running workshops, collecting unwanted bikes destined for the tip, salvaging useable parts and restoring old bikes into working machines that can be used by people who don't own a bike. Pictured is Mark Parssey
2010 Clips-Bike Kitchen
2009 - Healthy Transport Hobart
For organising Courteous Critical Mass rides and getting politicians on their bikes including all three Tasmanian state political leaders.
 2009 clips-Healthy Transport Hobartweb
2008 - Kingborough Bicycle Users Group
For their work on the Bonnet Hill Bike lane project.
2007 - Hobart City Council
For installing the first bike lanes on a main road in Hobart on Argyle St, North Hobart between Lewis and Federal St as part of a Blackspot Program. Pictured is Ald Helen Burnet.
 2007 ClipsAwardE
2006 - McBain Cycles
For their support of the Cycle25 commuting program.
 2006 clips-McBains
2005 - DIER
Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources for replacing steps with ramps and carrying out work on the Tasman Bridge. Receiving the award on behalf of DIER is Jim Platt who is responsible for managing the Tasman bridge.
 2005 clips-DIER
2004 - Kingborough Council
For their installation of bike lanes and committment to encouraging cycling. Receiving the award is Cr Flora Fox and Greg Clausen from Kingborough Council.
2003 - Clarence Council
For their upgrading of foreshore path and committment to improve and widen. Pictured is Clarence Councillor Deirdre Wilson accepting the award from Tim Stredwick of Bicycle Tasmania on behalf of the council.
2003-clips-Dierdre wilson

2002 - Glenorchy City Council
For their work on the Intercity Cycleway



2001 - Pasminco-EZ
For incorporating bike lanes into a repaving project for its access road at Ridson Road in Lutana.