Cycling - Cheap Summer Activity Option

Cycling is a fun summer activity.

Our kids get bored fast, especially in the summer. It can be exhausting at times to come up with a new activity every 10 minutes. Things get even more difficult if you’re trying your best to be frugal. So, make sure you have prepared a list of readymade summer activities for kids on a budget.

That said, cycling is a healthy and fun-filled activity for kids. Not only are there amazing health benefits for your kid, but cycling can also unite you as a family. In general, this activity is a great all-age option, especially today, with improving and developing bike infrastructure.

To top it off, cycling is quite an affordable hobby. All you need is a roadworthy bike, some basic safety gear, and a map of children’s tracks. Not much for a great kid activity that will benefit your kid in so many ways.

But are there any bike options that are both safe and affordable? In fact, there are quite a few. You won’t have to spend a fortune on a bike since your kid will probably outgrow it within the next few years.

Best Affordable Kids Bikes

Bikes are selling like hotcakes in summer. As a parent, you might want to choose the one that is safe and reasonably priced. Here we’ve compiled a list of the best kids' bikes for the money and for your needs.

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      1. Co-op Cycles REV 12 Kids' Bike - Gem Blue

        Price: around $150

        When it’s time for a pedal bike, the Co-op Cycles REV 12 kids' bike is a good choice. It has removable training wheels, an aluminum frame, and a sticker pack so little bikers can customize their ride.

      2. Raleigh MXR

        Price: around $150

        Being the best neighborhood bike, MXR has a strong steel frame to survive the bumps of learning. With its removable training wheels to learn balance, it is also a great option for new riders.

      3. Raleigh Rowdy/ Raleigh Lily

        Price: $230-$260

        Best for aggressive riders, this Raleigh series is both durable and lightweight. This is your kid’s go-to bike. From Wellington Park tracks to a local bike route, this bicycle option has it all.

      4. Schwinn Koen

        Price: around $120

        Being cheap doesn’t equal being poorly-made. Even if you’re on a budget, this bike series will help make happy memories for your kid. It is perfect for riding to the park or riding on the sidewalk around the neighborhood.

      The Takeaway

      Having fun summer activities for kids need not undermine your financial stability. There are lots of cheap or free summer activities to choose from. Thus, cycling can be one of the most memorable and joyful experiences in a kid’s life. This summer activity will not only deepen your family bond, but it will help your kids know the world around them.